Friday Q&A: April 1, 2011

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Today’s Friday Q&A centers around the future of Virginia Tech after Jim
Weaver retires, and what we can make of VCU’s run to the Final Four. Also, how
close are some of Virginia Tech’s best athletes to becoming all-around football

1: How about a crystal ball/future view of VT athletics after Jim Weaver?

That’s a really tough one, and there is no way to do it other than simply
guess. We can sit back and talk about it all day long, but the fact is that none
of us knows what’s going to happen with facilities, coaching hires, ticket
prices, wins and losses, profit margin, etc.

We can however speculate on the next athletics director, and I’ve already got
a name in mind. Meet Jeff Bourne, currently the athletics director at James
Madison, just up I-81. Here’s a quick look at his resume:

  • Salem, VA native
  • Degree from Bridgewater in Business Administration and Accounting in
  • Masters in Education and Sports Management from Virginia Tech in 1994
  • Worked five years as a public accountant
  • 1994 graduate of the Sports Management Institute Executive Program
    from the University of North Carolina and the University of Southern
  • Internal auditor and consultant to the athletic business office at
    Virginia Tech, beginning in 1986, and stayed at Tech in various roles
    until 1997
  • Later was Virginia Tech’s Athletics Business Manager and then
    Associate Director for Administration and Finance
  • Virginia Tech’s Associate Athletic Director in his final two years
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director for two years at Georgia Tech after
    leaving Virginia Tech, where he supervised finance, marketing and
    promotions, ticketing, sports information, radio and television
    broadcasts and productions
  • Athletic Director at James Madison since leaving Georgia Tech

If there is a better and more appropriate candidate out there, I would like
to see him. Jeff Bourne’s hometown is about 20 minutes down the road, he got a
masters degree from Virginia Tech, he worked at Virginia Tech, he has a great
understanding of finance, and he has served in a number of different roles in
athletics administration. He’s the perfect fit, in my opinion.

I believe Virginia Tech’s next athletics