Friday Thoughts and Q&A: Beamer and Greenberg Do Things the Right Way

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This week’s Jim Tressel situation, which is the latest in a series of major
programs making themselves look very bad, made me do some thinking yesterday
morning. Virginia Tech might not beat top 5 teams in football, and they might
not make the NCAA Tournament as often as we’d like in basketball, but Frank
Beamer and Seth Greenberg run their programs the right way, and deserve to be
commended for it.

Before we get into this week’s Q&A, I’ve got some thoughts I want to
share. I look around college athletics, and I see coaches that aren’t doing
things the right way, and not setting examples for their players. There are a
lot of guys that are easy to dislike, simply because of the sleazy way they run
their programs. Rich Rodriguez, Jim Calhoun, Lane Kiffin, John Calapari, etc.

Every February it seems as if we all (myself included) complain about the way
Tech recruits, and how they don’t recruit as well as their record indicates they
should. Some of those complaints are valid, but it’s also important to remember
that the Hokies don’t use some of the same recruiting tactics as other schools.

Frank Beamer doesn’t promise playing time as a true freshman just to get a
kid to sign, there aren’t any $100 handshakes that I know of, and he doesn’t
tell them everything they want to hear. Other schools do, and it can be tough to
recruit against that. Very tough at times, because 17 year olds will believe
just about anything you tell them, especially if it’s something they want to

But really, is it worth the embarrassment that a Tennessee fan might have
felt when Lane Kiffin was the head coach? Maybe to most SEC fans it doesn’t
matter (and it probably doesn’t, they threw out the rulebook decades