With Latest Staff Changes, Beamer has Gone All In

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One of the great myths among many in the Virginia Tech fan base is that Frank
Beamer is complacent, satisfied with 10-win seasons and too loyal to his
coaching staff. With the coaching staff changes that Beamer has made over the
last couple of weeks, that myth should be dead. Permanently.

That myth can be found somewhere near the Holy Grail, or Jimmy Hoffa’s body.
Frank Beamer is an extremely competitive guy, and at the age of 64, he knows his
window is closing. He did what he thought he had to do, because he thought it
was best for Virginia Tech football. That’s what he’s always done. Whenever he’s
made a move, or not made a move, it’s been because he thought it was in
Virginia Tech’s best interest.

On Tuesday, Beamer announced more changes to the staff, including changes to
recruiting territories and coaching responsibilities. Here’s a quick summary.

Recruiting Territory Changes

  • Bud Foster, Torrian Gray, Kevin Sherman and Charley Wiles will all stay the
  • Shane Beamer will recruit Richmond, Northern Georgia and Fork Union
    Military Academy
  • Bryan Stinespring will recruit the Tidewater area (Virginia Beach,
    Portsmouth, Norfolk, etc.) and parts of Pennsylvania.
  • Cornell Brown will be in Central and Southside Virginia, and he’ll also
    recruit Hargrave Military Academy.
  • Curt Newsome will head over the water, moving from Bryan Stinespring’s new
    territory in Tidewater to the Peninsula.
  • Mike O’Cain will take over Billy Hite’s old territories in Southwest

Coaching Responsibility Changes

  • Mike O’Cain will handle playcalling.
  • Curt Newsome will coach centers and offensive guards.
  • Bryan Stinespring will coach offensive tackles and tight ends.
  • Tech’s rovers will be fully incorporated into the secondary, with Torrian
  • Shane Beamer will serve as Associate Head Coach.
  • Now that’s one heck of a Tuesday announcement. What we’ve seen over the last
    couple of weeks haven’t been simple staff changes. It’s been a complete