The Shane Beamer Hire

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On Monday, we saw something we don’t see very often at Virginia Tech. Frank
Beamer made a coaching change, hiring his son Shane to coach the running backs
at Tech. Former running backs coach Billy Hite will slide over to a
newly-created administrative football position. This is a big change, and it was
made to improve Virginia Tech’s recruiting.

Billy Hite

First off, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention departing running backs coach
Billy Hite. Actually, he’s not departing. He’s still going to be very much a
part of the program, and his influence will still be felt. The Hokies basically
have an extra coach in the Merryman Center, so this is a smart move by Frank

Billy Hite coached Virginia Tech’s running backs for 33 years, and many of
his players advanced to the NFL. Cyrus Lawrence, Maurice Williams, Vaughn
Hebron, Dwayne Thomas, Ken Oxendine, Shyrone Stith, Lee Suggs, Kevin Jones,
Cedric Humes, Branden Ore, Darren Evans, Ryan Williams, David Wilson … all
those guys played under Billy Hite, and they are only the tailbacks he coached.
The list of quality fullbacks is just as long.

Until Monday, Billy Hite was the longest tenured assistant coach in the
country. You don’t stay at a school for 33 years and coach for a team that’s won
as many games as Virginia Tech unless you are doing something right. Hite was a
good coach, and Virginia Tech’s rushing yards and win totals through the years
prove that.

Hite has meant a lot to the Virginia Tech program throughout the years, and
will still be a valuable asset. It will just be in a different role that what we
are used to.


Recruiting is the reason for this change, and will be the reason for any
possible future changes this offseason. Virginia Tech has won 10+ games for
seven years, so Frank Beamer isn’t going to replace anybody because they
“can’t coach.”

We’ve been pretty adamant recently that the main thing that is holding the
program back is recruiting. Frank Beamer is obviously no dummy. He knows that
too. When Frank realizes something, he does something about it.