Q&A: Dave Glenn Talks ACC

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TechSideline.com caught up with Dave Glenn, Editor/Lead Writer of the ACC Sports Journal/ACCSports.com, for his thoughts on the ACC’s 2011 football recruiting classes. In addition to giving his take on Virginia Tech’s haul, Glenn answers questions on the overall talent level in the ACC, Florida State, North Carolina and more.

The ACC Sports Journal ranked and graded the ACC’s 2011 football recruiting classes as follows.

– 1. FSU — A+
– 2. Clemson — A
– 3. UNC — B+
– 4. Virginia — B
– 5. Virginia Tech — B-
– 6. Miami — B-
– 7. Boston College — B-
– 8. Georgia Tech — B-
– 9. Duke — C+
– 10. Maryland — C+
– 11. N.C. State — C
– 12. Wake Forest — C

Q&A with Dave Glenn

Chris Horne: What is your take on Virginia Tech’s class? Who is your top player in the class?

DAVE GLENN, ACCSports.com: I’ve always thought there are two distinct ways to be a great recruiter — the first basically involves “sales” and the other involves talent/character evaluation — and when Frank Beamer and his staff are at their best, they are impressive at BOTH halves of that equation. This year, the Hokies were not as good at the “sales” half of the equation, but I think their track record with player evaluation should give Tech fans some peace of mind, even in those years (like this one) where their favorite team is not making headlines on national signing day.

When I say “sales,” I mean the ability to get your share of the players just about everyone wants — e.g., the way the Hokies signed prep All-Americans such as Chris Ellis, Xavier Adibi, Macho Harris, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Williams, David Wilson, etc., on the recruiting trail, and then helped turn them into All-ACC players on the back end. This year Tech got a handful of those prep All-American types, but not nearly as many as we’ve seen in most years. That’s why they were ranked in the middle of the ACC.

The best Tech signee? The highest-rated players were Indiana defensive tackle