Andrew Luck the Latest Great Quarterback to Face the Hokies

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The Roanoke Times ran an interesting article Sunday summarizing Virginia
Tech’s games against rising star college quarterbacks during the Beamer era
(1987-present). The Hokies have played against some great quarterbacks in the
last 24 seasons, and have had some success against them. Where does Stanford’s
Andrew Luck fit in that list of quarterbacks, and what does it mean for the
Hokies’ Orange Bowl prospects?

The article highlighted Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb and Matt
Ryan in a separate box, then it recapped Tech’s performance against other great
QBs in chronological order, starting with Virginia’s Shawn Moore in 1987 and
ending with Boise State’s Kellen Moore in 2010.

I liked the article, but it lacked a few things. Though it briefly recapped
47 football games over 24 seasons, it didn’t summarize Virginia Tech’s
performance against any and all of the QBs, and it didn’t explicitly list how
many Heisman winners, NFL Pro Bowlers, etc. the Hokies have played against, and
how Tech had done against each class of quarterback.

But that’s why we have and TSL Pass, right? To take things
to the next level. So here’s a table summarizing the accomplishments of and
records against the QBs listed in the Roanoke Times article.

(Note that I did not try to think of any other great QBs the Hokies have
faced, nor did I dig into much detail beyond what was presented in the article.
I simply took what was presented and reworked/expanded some of it. I also did
not include dates or scores, to avoid cluttering up the table.)

Quarterback Opponents, 1987-Present