Friday Q&A and Discussion, 12/10/10

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Stanford QB Andrew Luck and linebacker depth for the Orange Bowl are major
topics of today’s Friday Q&A. We’ll also take a look at the major targets
left on Virginia Tech’s recruiting board, whether or not Darren Evans and Ryan
Williams will jump to the NFL, and Jeron Gouveia-Winslow’s improvement towards
the end of the season.


1) How is Virginia Tech’s linebacker depth for both the Orange Bowl and next

Good question. I’m planning on an article next week that will talk about the
options Bud Foster will have at linebacker this spring. To me, it’s one of the
most interesting things to watch heading into spring practice, beside Logan
Thomas of course.

We’ll save the spring practice talk for next week and just focus on the
Orange Bowl for today. As I’m sure all of you know by now, starting backer
Lyndell Gibson will miss the Orange Bowl following shoulder surgery. He will be
out 6-8 months.

Just based off the current depth chart, here is how Tech will look at
linebacker against Stanford:

Mike: Bruce Taylor will start, with Jack Tyler backing him up
Backer: Tariq Edwards will start, with Telvion Clark backing him up.

Three of those guys are r-freshmen, and Telvion Clark played in just two
games this year. He was on the kickoff team against Duke and Wake Forest. That
would hardly prepare him for Stanford and Andrew Luck, so if something were to
happen to Tariq Edwards, I expect we would see Bruce Taylor slide over to
backer, with Jack Tyler being bumped up to the #1 spot at mike.

Another option would be to not start Edwards at backer, and go ahead and
slide Bruce Taylor to backer and start Jack Tyler at mike. Tyler is a better
football player than Edwards right now, and that would get your best defenders
on the field. However, according to Bud Foster, Tyler still struggles in pass
coverage, so that might not be a great matchup against the pass happy Cardinal.
Fortunately Foster will have some time to think about what he wants to do, since
the game isn’t until January