Thinking About Charlotte

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I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to win this game, and I’ve
been thinking about what it would be like to lose this game. And I’ve decided
that no matter what, this season is a success. Let ‘er rip, but the outcome
won’t change my opinion.

No, I’m not just blowing sunshine up your hiney. And yes, that loss to Boise
State will stick in my craw for a long, long time. And yes, I’ll always wonder
what would have happened if Virginia Tech had beaten Boise, beaten JMU, and won
the last ten games of the season.

No matter what happens Saturday, those things won’t change. But no matter
what happens Saturday night, I think I will still consider the Hokies to be the
best team in the ACC. After all, the Hokies are the only undefeated team in the
ACC this year. They dominated the Coastal Division at 8-0, with their closest
competitor being the 5-3 Miami Hurricanes.

Tech also downed the #3 and #4 teams in the Atlantic Division, NC State and
Boston College. One of those teams, NC State, would be champions of the
Atlantic, had they not lost to the Hokies. State would have finished 6-2 in the
league, tying with FSU, and would be headed to Charlotte based on beating the
Noles head to head.

How about that? The only reason Florida State is facing the Hokies Saturday
night is because Virginia Tech took care of the Wolfpack when FSU couldn’t.
You’re welcome, Seminoles.

NC State isn’t the only team the Hokies beat that Florida State failed
against. UNC is the other. The Noles lost at home to the Tar Heels (coughing up
37 points in the process in a 37-35 loss), while the Hokies went to Chapel Hill
and beat the Heels handily, 26-10.

No matter how you slice it, Virginia Tech’s body of work this season slates
them as the best team in the ACC.

I realize that statement defies logic in one way: How can you call Tech the
best team in the ACC when they haven’t proven it by beating FSU? Fair point, and
I don’t have an answer for it, except to show you what the standings would look
like if football did it the way basketball does, listing all twelve teams in
order in the standings: