UVA Monday Thoughts: Hokies Dominate Hoos … Again

Saturday was very much a taking-care-of-business game for the Hokies. With
the Coastal Division bid sewn up, the to-do items for the Hokies were to extend
domination of the series with Virginia (notice I didn’t say “rivalry”)
and to finish undefeated in regular-season play in the ACC. The Hokies
accomplished both without breaking a sweat.

I hope you all aren’t disappointed in me, but I have not yet watched a replay
of this game. My Sundays are pretty busy, and this one was no exception. I
generally rewatch the football game on Sunday night, but with the Hokie
basketball team in action against UNLV at 9:00 PM Sunday night, and the football
game having been such a blowout, I watched hoops instead.

I might rethink that decision, given a second chance and the foresight of
knowing that VT lost to UNLV. But, what’s done is done.

My interest in this game isn’t really what happened on the field, anyway. The
games against Georgia Tech, UNC, and Miami were all intense battles that had a
lot of twists and turns, but this game? Not so much.