Miami Monday Thoughts: Tough Hokies Win Another Road Classic Over Canes

Virginia Tech and Miami have waged some classic, memorable battles in South
Florida over the years. This one was no different. Like most VT-Miami games, it
was a brutal, physical war with a lot on the line. Trash talk flew, dramatic
game-changing plays were made on both sides, helmets were knocked off, players
were dragged off the field left and right, and once again, a senior quarterback
led the Hokies to victory over “The U” on the road. Another ten-win
season is square in the crosshairs.

We’ve seen some great Virginia Tech-Miami games in Lane Stadium in the last
15 years, but we’ve seen some even better ones in Coral Gables and Miami
Gardens. Nothing brings out the guts and guile like doing battle with the fabled
Hurricanes on their turf. Virginia Tech legends have been made in the Orange
Bowl and the stadium that’s calling itself Sun Life this season.

Okay, maybe not “made”, but certainly enhanced. Some of the most
memorable plays in Virginia Tech football history have happened on the road at
Miami: Keion Carpenter’s 100-yard interception return (1996), Al Clark’s
overtime touchdown pass to Ricky Hall on a broken foot (1998), Bryan Randall’s
game-winning touchdown pass to Eddie Royal (2004), Jim Davis batting down two
straight passes to seal the game (2004), Branden Ore’s game-winning touchdown
run with less than two minutes left (2006), and this year …

.. well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s plenty of time to talk
about the big plays this year. And there are some memorable ones.