Georgia Tech Monday Thoughts: One Step Closer to Charlotte

this game, I did something I hadn’t done in a while: I fired up my DVR, went
straight to the fourth quarter, and replayed all the critical plays, over and
over. I admired the execution, enjoyed the crowd noise, and generally reveled in
the victory. There’s nothing quite like a rocking Thursday night victory in Lane

Ryan Williams’ second quarter juking and jiving? Watched it. Davon Morgan’s
interception and Josh Nesbitt’s injury? Watched it. David Wilson’s 15 yard
touchdown run? Andre Smith’s touchdown catch? Rock Carmichael’s game-ending
interception? Watched them all.

David Wilson’s 90-yard kickoff return? Watched it. Over and over and over,
that one.

It took me back to the days when VT football on television was a fairly new
thing, especially ESPN showcase games, and every Hokie win was followed by
endless rewinding and replaying. The technology is different these days — the
DVR is 50 times faster than a VCR, and there’s no comparison between today’s
HDTV and the old clunky tube television — but the experience is the same: Watch
the game-breaking plays over and over.