Official Visit Wows Reeves

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Eagles Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) clinched the Region 5-A South title on Friday night with a 70-14 win over Our Lady of Mercy. After the game, Charger wide receiver Christian Reeves and his family made the 7-hour trip to Blacksburg for Reeves’ official visit to Virginia Tech. Reeves powered through the weekend on little sleep, but still had a great time.

“We arrived around six in the morning on Saturday. I think I finally got to sleep at seven,” said Reeves, who credits his brother with driving most of the overnight trek. “I slept from seven to about nine and headed over to the stadium to check out the new locker room and the players lounge. I talked to some of the other recruits that were there, like James [Farrow], Matt Roth, who had driven from Florida, Michael Cole and Caleb Farris. They were fun guys to talk to. I met my host, Matt Arkema, and talked to Coach Gray a little bit and got ready for the game.”

Prior to the weekend, Reeves expressed excitement about seeing the new locker room and players lounge. What he saw didn’t disappoint, and it was a good start to the weekend.

“Virginia Tech has the most immaculate players lounge and locker room I’ve seen anywhere,” Reeves said. “They did it big. I visited Michigan and thought it was nice, but this one… they did it big. They said they asked who had the biggest locker room and they decided to go a little bit bigger than that. There are tons of flat-screens throughout the locker room. There is a clock machine, where you time in and time out, like you’re coming to work. It fits with the lunch pail mentality there. That was pretty cool. All of the murals on the wall, they are all pretty top notch.”

Following the locker room tour, “I went out on the field,” Reeves said. “It was my first game experience and it was pretty cool. I saw the team run in to Enter Sandman. After the game, I went in the locker room and met a few of the players. Matt took me around after the game and I got some Virginia Tech apparel, because I was lacking. I was so tired that I went back to the hotel and napped. Later on, I went to Bull and Bones. Me and my host and James and his host and our parents and Coach Gray were there. I kind of pigged out there. After that, I hung out with my host for a while. I met some of the guys. I passed out kind of early. I was still pretty tired.

“The next morning, I had breakfast