The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 2010 Tech Football Statistics

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Today we bring you a look at where the Hokies rank nationally in team
statistical categories, in all three phases of the game: offense, defense, and
special teams. We’ll take a look at some of Virginia Tech’s players who show up
in the national statistics. This will give you an appraisal of what the Hokies
are doing well (or not so well) this season, and who’s responsible.

We’ll divide the stats up into offense, defense, and special teams, and will
sub-categorize things as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

It’s a cute way of structuring things, but it’s open to interpretation as to
what’s Good, Bad, and Ugly. And shouldn’t there be at category between Good and
Bad called something like “Kinda Okay”? Probably. Point being, don’t
take the categorization of things too seriously. It’s just a writing tool to
help structure the article.

I rolled dice, flipped a coin, checked my magic 8-ball, and randomly created
the following categories (before checking VT’s stats, mind you):

  • The Good: Ranked in the Top 50 nationally among Division 1-A teams
  • The Bad: Ranked 51-90 nationally
  • The Ugly: Ranked in the bottom 30 (91-120) nationally

All stats are taken from the
NCAA’s web site
, as of Wednesday morning,

And now, the world’s worst segue, “without further ado” …

The Offense – The Good

  • Interceptions Thrown: #7 at 3 total INTs
  • Rushing Offense: #15 at 222.71 ypg
  • Scoring Offense: #17 at 36 ppg
  • Pass Efficiency: #26 at 153.29
  • Red Zone Offense: #27 at 88%
  • Third-Down Conversions: #41 at 42.5%
  • Total Offense: #42 at 415.14 ypg

The Hokies aren’t going to produce a 1,600-yard rusher like they did last
year, or probably not even a 1,200 yard rusher like the year before. But they
still have a solid rushing attack that can get you inside, outside, and via the
QB scramble. Four players