Friday Q&A: October 1, 2010

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Raleigh Hokie joins us for today’s Friday Q&A. He explains how the
Tech offense plans for opponents each week, talks about the struggles in the
passing game, and gets into what we might see tomorrow against NC State.

1) Can you explain coaching duties on offense and why Mike O’Cain runs the

Raleigh Hokie: Coaching duties are delegated to each of the coaches as
part of game film breakdowns and game plan preparation. Each of the coaches is
assigned a specific focus area in breaking down the defensive game films for the
upcoming opponents. Bryan Stinespring breaks down the base defense. Kevin
Sherman breaks down the red zone defense. Billy Hite breaks down goal line and
short yardage defense. Mike O’Cain breaks down the 2-minute defense. Each
coach determines how that particular defense works in each of those situations
– base packages, personnel, down/distance tendencies, etc. That information is
charted, organized and reviewed with Bryan Stinespring as the full game plan is
developed and assembled.

In terms of play calling, Bryan Stinespring calls all the play with the
exception of the 2-minute offense. Given the hurry-up nature of the 2-minute, it
is critical to get the communication into the QB as quickly as possible. A
system was set-up years ago where the QB coach would call those plays directly
from the sideline. He had a separate play sheet and would signal the plays
directly to the QB. Mike O’Cain did that, as did Kevin Rogers before him.

Last year, Mike O’Cain moved up to the booth (trading spots with Kevin
Sherman), but the system of calling plays remained the same. O’Cain still
calls the 2-minute plays from the booth. It does take longer than it did when he
could signal them in directly from the sideline, but the coaches decided it was
best overall to have him in the booth.

2) Several questions were asked regarding VT’s struggle in the passing
game. Why has the passing game taken a step back from last year when it was
expected to take a step forward? What is your overall assessment of the passing

RH: No question the passing