Reflections: Boise State

I was younger, defeats in big games crushed me. I used to wake up the next day,
and the moment in which I remembered the previous day’s defeat was the worst
moment of the day. I carried the loss with me all day, agonized over the twists
and turns that had come between the Hokies and victory, and was depressed. The
best thing I can say about this loss to Boise State is … that it made me feel young

I really wanted this one. I wanted it for the program, I wanted it for the
coaches, I wanted it for the fans, and I wanted it for the players. There’s not
much I can add to what I already said in Fired
Up for FedEx
about a week and a half ago. This was a unique opportunity
brought on by a combination of a high preseason ranking, a bright spotlight on
the national stage, and an opponent that was also highly ranked, very good, but
not absolutely intimidating.

And the Hokies failed to seize it.

I wanted this one to be different. I wanted the offensive line to show that
it’s improved, I wanted the running back trio of Williams, Evans and Wilson to
surprise Boise State with big plays, I wanted the defense to somehow overcome
its inexperience, and I wanted the Hokies to put Boise back in their place.