Scouting Report and Keys to Victory: Boise State

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Fans from both Boise State and Virginia Tech are optimistic going into the
most anticipated game of the opening weekend. This Labor Day game will have the
attention of the nation as both teams dream of a national championship run. Both
teams have their highest preseason rating ever, so what can we expect when these
two national powerhouses meet at FedExField?

Can Kellen Moore lead the Broncos to one of the biggest wins in school
history or will Bud Foster’s inexperienced but talented defense contain the
high-powered Boise State attack? Will the Hokie offense overpower the Bronco
defense? Will Tech’s balance on offense keep Boise State’s aggressive defense on
their heels? Who will win the special teams battle? These questions and more
will soon be answered in Landover, MD.


Offensive Scheme

Boise State features a dynamic offense running the spread out of multiple
formations. The Broncos use innovative shifting and motion to confuse defenses
and create big play opportunities. In actuality, the offensive scheme is not
that complicated. Boise State runs a limited number of plays, but the complexity
comes in the number of formations and motion used to provide different looks to
the same play. Also, BSU will use a lot of different personnel packages to look
for the best match-ups possible against a defense.

The key to the Broncos success, on offense as well as defense, is simply
execution. Boise State recruits football players first. The Broncos are not
enamored with size and/or speed "athletes"; if the recruit is not an
excellent high school player, then Boise State will not gamble on a
"project." BSU will recruit the all-state player who may be a little
too small, too short, or too slow for the major programs. However, if Boise
State offers a player, you can be sure that the recruit has very good knowledge
of the game and will execute well.

Many fans recognize Boise State for their trick plays, but the Broncos are