Friday Q&A: August 27, 2010

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We are just a few days away from the start of game week. The Hokies have a
couple of scrimmages this weekend, and then they’ll begin full-time preparation
for the Boise State Broncos. In today’s Q&A, we talk about the lack of depth
at tight end, Josh Olgesby at fullback and whether or not David Wilson will
redshirt. We’ll also talk a little bit about the situation at North Carolina.

1) Given the lack of depth at tight end this year and VT’s tendency to use
the tight ends as additional lineman in recent years, is there any potential for
backup tackle Andrew Lanier playing TE in certain formations and

Chris Coleman: I’m sure this has been discussed by the Virginia Tech
coaching staff. If it hasn’t, it will be at some point. With the lack of
confidence in Tech’s backup tight ends, Bryan Stinespring is going to have to
rely on some different formations this year rather than his tried and true two
tight end set.

So far in scrimmages, we’ve seen multiple back formations and multiple wide
receiver formations in the redzone. However, when Tech is facing a critical
third and one, and they want to pound the rock, what do they do?

One option would be to bring in Andrew Lanier as the second tight end. That
would create a true unbalanced formation, with six offensive linemen on the
field. Because he wears #72, Lanier wouldn’t be eligible to catch a pass.
Opposing defenses would know a run was coming with Lanier entering the game.

Of course, the Hokies are going to have better players than just about every
defense they face this year. Stinespring has said it himself: it’s important not
to get too cute offensively. I’m betting that not many teams out there would be
able to stop a Tech running game in short yardage situations with an unbalanced
line, even if they did know a run was coming.

2) Why do coaching staffs routinely play their 1st string offense vs. the 2nd
string defense, and vice-versa during scrimmages and practices?

CC: Great question. Two answers jump out at me: to develop efficiency and