Friday Q&A: August 13, 2010

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In today’s Friday Q&A, Raleigh Hokie gives his thoughts on Logan Thomas
playing tight end, and Chris Coleman takes questions about the ACC winning a
National Championship and why the Hokies will be motivated for Boise State.


1) What are your thoughts on working Logan Thomas at tight end?

Raleigh Hokie: Working Logan Thomas at TE is not surprising; in fact, it
was a move that I was expecting to see. He is one of the best athletes on the
team and it would be more surprising to see him standing on the sideline waiting
for backup snaps as a QB. The move makes sense now because the focus of fall
practice is to get ready for the upcoming season. He has the great size and
athleticism to play a flex TE or H-back role within the VT offensive system. I
do not see him playing as an in-line TE blocking down on DE’s on outside zone
plays, rather he will be used in a limited number of specific personnel packages
where he can be used as matchup advantage.

A few examples would be spread personnel packages in 50/50 run/pass
situations and short yardage situations, particularly in the red zone. Defensive
personnel, schemes and tendencies also will have a lot to do with how many of
those specific packages are installed week to week in the the game plans.

Of course the downside is the lost time in the QB meeting rooms and on the
practice field. But how much time will he really lose there? As it stands, the
expectation is that Tyrod Taylor will get the majority of QB snaps, allowing
Ju-Ju Clayton to get the clean-up snaps late in games. Remember the fall is
about preparing for the season and then working game plans against scout teams
week to week during the season. It is not prime development time – that is the
focus of spring practice.

During the season, the third QB gets very few practice snaps, so the question
becomes do you want Thomas spending all of his time getting practice snaps as
the #2 QB, or do you want to practice him at other spots that will get him on
the field on game days? Assuming Tyrod Taylor stays healthy, it is fine for
Clayton to get the #2 snaps in practice. If Taylor has to come out