Is It 2006 All Over Again?

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Though football practice begins in less than a month, everyone seems to want
to talk about recruiting right now. The Hokies lost two prospects over the
weekend, including a Top Five in-state player who decided to attend North
Carolina. The further this recruiting season goes, the more it is beginning to
resemble the Class of 2006.

If you don’t remember the 2006 recruiting class, it’s probably because you’ve
blocked out such a bad memory from your brain. Here’s a refresher. The Hokies
signed just one of the top 10 recruits from the state of Virginia that year, and
only three of the top 20. Big names went out of state, such as Percy Harvin,
Chris Bell, Brandon Minor and Jarrell Miller.

The Hokies offered 18 of those top 20 players, and came away with just three
of them: John Graves, Matt Wright and Daryl Robertson. Only one of those three
ended up lettering for Virginia Tech. Tech signed two more guys outside the top
20: Kam Chancellor and Beau Warren, and they went on to become starters.

However, with only five in-state recruits that year, the Hokies had to go
out-of-state to fill the majority of their spots. They got some good players
from outside Virginia: Andre Smith, Jason Worilds, Nekos Brown and Rashad

Thanks to striking out on so many primary targets from Virginia, the Hokies
offered and received commitments from a number of Plan B and Plan C guys from
outside the state such as Devven Sutton, Doug McNeil and Joey Hall. Who can
forget Hall, who the Hokies managed to steal from Elon at the end of the
recruiting process?

Why bring all this up now? Because it looks like it’s not going to be a great
year for the Hokies in the state of Virginia. They currently have commitments
from #5 Corey Marshall, #11 Ronny Vandyke, and #31 Chris Hall. However, they
lost #4 Landon Turner to UNC on Sunday, with #19 David Watford announcing for
UVA on Saturday.

To top it off, Tech’s chances with the remainder of the top 10 aren’t that
strong at this point.

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