Friday Q&A: June 11, 2010

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It’s time to take a break from following the drama that is conference
realignment. While it’s fun to speculate about things like that, the Hokies
still have a football season to play later this year.

If you have any questions for a future Friday Q&A, email them to me at [email protected].
Next week we are going to start looking a bit closer at Boise State, so if
you’ve got any questions about the Broncos, feel free to include them.

1) With the emergence of Bruce Taylor this spring at MLB, any chance that
we’ll see him play some OLB once/if Rivers is healthy for the season opener?

CC: By OLB, do you mean backer or whip? There is no chance he ever plays
a down at whip, and an outside chance that he could get reps at backer at some
point. The whip sometimes has to line up against slot receivers, which the 6-2,
252-lbs Taylor is not designed to do.

The backer is a combo inside/outside linebacker, though I generally view him
as an inside guy. Taylor is much more suited to playing that backer spot than he
would be at whip linebacker.

However, I think he’ll remain at mike. That’s the position he excelled at
this spring, and I think he feels the most comfortable there. Besides, I’m not
convinced that Barquell Rivers will be ready for the season opener. Even if he’s
practicing at that point, he’s still got to get back into football shape, and
he’s still got to shake off the rust.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I feel like Bruce Taylor will be
Virginia Tech’s starting mike linebacker for the next three years. Barquell
Rivers is more than welcome to prove me wrong.

2) Can we look forward to Oglesby, Williams, Evans, and Taylor all in the
backfield at once?

CC: With so many weapons to use on offense, it’s important to have enough
variety in the playbook to use them all effectively. This is a line that the
coaching staff is going to have to carefully toe. While it’s always advisable to
find as many ways as possible to use all of your playmakers, you also