Top Football Games of the Decade: #1 through #5

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Virginia Tech has played a lot of great games in the past decade, and not all
of them could make our top 10 list. Have a look at the top five Hokie games of
the decade, complete with links to game highlights.

The Sugar Bowl against Florida State for the National Championship is too
easy. It’s just not fair to the other games in that decade, and there’s nothing
I can say about that game that hasn’t already been said. It’s not included in
this article, simply because these other games aren’t even in the same league.

With that out of the way, you’ll notice that there are a couple of losses
included in the top five. In both cases they are bittersweet losses, because the
Hokies played so well, but lost in a tough way on both occasions. Both games are
included not necessarily because of the result of the game, or the ranking of
the opponent, but because of the atmosphere of Lane Stadium. We’ll get to those
games later. For now, let’s journey back to 2002.

#5: September 1, 2002: #16 Virginia Tech 26, #14 LSU 8

How often does an SEC team come play in Lane Stadium? Before LSU made the
trip in 2002, you have to go all the way back to Vanderbilt in 1989 to find an
SEC team willing to come to Blacksburg. South Carolina in 1990 doesn’t count,
because the Gamecocks were an independent at that point. And come to think of
it, Vanderbilt shouldn’t count either. Just because they are in the SEC doesn’t
mean they play big-boy football. I guess the last real SEC team to come to
Blacksburg was Kentucky in 1986, but this is football, not basketball. Keep
going back to 1978 to find the first SEC team not named Kentucky or Vanderbilt
to visit Blacksburg. That was Auburn.

I can keep going on and on, but you get the point. LSU is the only good SEC
team to travel to Blacksburg in recent memory. If you were there, it’s a weekend
you won’t forget. RV’s from Louisiana started rolling into town late in the
week, parking anywhere they could find a spot in town. A lot were camped out in
the parking lot in front of the Math Emporium, and if you went into a grocery
store and saw the amounts of food and alcohol the LSU fans were buying