Friday Q&A: April 9, 2010

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This week’s Q&A touches on both football and basketball. Exactly how
light are Tech’s defensive tackles? Will the Hokies run more option this year?
Could any of the wide receivers move to defense? What are the expectations of
the basketball team heading into next season? All of that, plus more, is
discussed inside.

1) Virginia Tech’s defensive tackles seem to be a bit light. How do they
compare to defensive tackles of the past?

Chris Coleman: Good question. Tech’s defensive tackles have indeed gotten
smaller over the past couple of seasons. Here are the numbers from each year of
the ACC.

Tackle Weight
Year Average
2006 309
2007 308.4
2005 305.6
2004 293.7
2009 286.6
2010 283.7
2008 278.4

We included all scholarship defensive tackles on each team who were not buried
on the depth chart, with the exception of true freshmen who were taking a
redshirt. In other words, if they contributed in any way during that specific
season, we counted them.

Tech’s 2010 group of defensive tackles is the second lightest of the ACC era,
despite the fact that Kwamaine Battle bulked up from 281 to 297. The Hokies
don’t have a single