Friday Q&A: April 2, 2010

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Raleigh Hokie is back this week, and he gives his take on some important
questions such as splitting time between Ryan Williams and Darren Evans, the
Josh Oglesby move, and how much we can expect to see Logan Thomas contribute
this year.

1) What’s your take on the Josh Oglesby move to fullback? Can he play the
traditional Tech fullback role, or will the coaching staff modify the position
to fit his abilities?

Raleigh Hokie: The word is out that this isn’t the typical move of a tailback
to the traditional fullback spot. It is clear that Bryan Stinespring is working
on new sets and formations that will include more 2-back personnel groupings.
The offense has used a lot of 2-TE sets the past few years, primarily because of
the talent and depth at TE (and the lack of depth at fullback). We saw various
sets from the 2-TE personnel groups, including unbalanced double-wing
formations, offset I formations and H-back sets.

For 2010, those multiple sets will see a shift from 2-TE personnel to 2-RB
personnel. A guy like Josh Oglesby is well suited to be a key element in this
shift because he can line up as the second tailback, or as the offset fullback
or as an H-back. This will present opportunities for him to operate more in
space vs. lining up as a traditional fullback and ISO blocking a LB at the point
of attack.

With Oglesby’s move and the adjustment to the “A” and “B”
notations, look for the offense to use more offset and split back sets when the
QB is under center with multiple shifts and motion to keep the defense guessing.
And look for the offense to use more of the two back balanced formations with
the QB in the shotgun, including more refinement of the spread triple option
with one back as the dive option and the other back as the pitch option.

I don’t see the 2-TE sets being eliminated, but I do see them reserved
primarily for specific match-ups and for short yardage and goal line situations.

2) Jake Johnson and J.R. Collins were expected to play end, with James Gayle
at stud. Instead, Johnson and Collins are at stud, with Gayle at end. What’s
your take on that?