Carolina Challenge: VT High On Williams

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West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, N.C.) star Terrence Williams exploded for 19 points in his first game at last Saturday’s Challenge. The 6-4 junior didn’t quite regain the form in games two and three, but on the day he showed an impressive shooting stroke, quickness and athleticism.

Williams, a shooting guard, was just happy to be part of Dave Telep’s annual event.

“In the high school level I compete against, there are players out there that don’t really know what they’re doing. Here, they know what they’re doing and so I’ve got to adjust to how they play,” Williams said on Saturday. “It helps me out for next year and for the future because it gets me stronger and it gets me ready for how the competition will be in college.”

A first-team all-conference selection this past season, Williams played well but did not know his per-game averages in terms of points, rebounds, etc. He averaged 16 points per game as a sophomore, earning college interest as a result.