Greenberg, Hudson and the ACC Tournament

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I was supposed to write a football article today, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m too keyed up on the ACC Tournament, Virginia Tech basketball, and college hoops in general. I’m going to put off the football article until next week, and judging from the basketball traffic on the subscribers board, I don’t think you’ll mind.

It’s not going to be long – I’ve got an ACC Tournament to go watch – but there are some things to talk about today. The first of which I just read about approximately 30 minutes ago.

St. John’s to Target Seth Greenberg

Norm Roberts was fired after six years at St. John’s. His team lost a tough one to Marquette yesterday in the Big East tournament, and the administration didn’t waste much time making the change. Roberts did a decent job at SJU, cleaning the program up, stabilizing it, and getting it on the right track. However, he didn’t do it fast enough for the Red Storm athletics department.

Here’s the big news, that really shouldn’t surprise anyone: Seth Greenberg apparently sits atop their list of candidates to replace Roberts. I’ve halfway expected Roberts to get fired each of the last three years, and I’ve dreaded it because I expected that Greenberg would be high on the list of potential candidates.

There are plenty of reasons why the two schools fit. First and foremost, Greenberg is a New York guy. He was born and raised in the city, he’s played there and he’s coached there. Second, he has proven to be a good basketball coach. At each and every program he’s run, he’s improved it from the moment he set foot on campus. It stands to reason that he’d do the same at St. John’s.

The New York Post reports that St. John’s is willing to offer a 6 year deal worth $1.5 million per year to the right candidate. Considering that Greenberg makes a little less than a million per year at Tech, there are plenty of reasons for him to listen to an offer like that, and that’s before we consider that he’s a New York guy. His mother also still