2009-10 Hokies Take Their Place in the Tech Record Book

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It’s always noteworthy when history is made, and on Saturday, the Hokies
reached a new high-water mark in program history with their 23rd regular season
win. They did it in classic ’09-’10 fashion, shorthanded and with their backs
against the wall. They won anyway, and it’s only fitting that a team that has
consistently defied expectations gets to write its name in the record books.

The Hokies finished the regular season 23-7. For the record, the 23 regular
season wins beats out the 1985-86 team, which went 22-7 in the regular season
(before losing to FSU in the Metro Conference Tournament and Villanova in the
NCAA Tournament), and the 1995-96 Hokies, who went 22-4 before losing to Rhode
Island in the A-10 Tournament and going 1-1 in the NCAA Tournament.

To be fair: 30 regular season games is a rarity for the Hokies. Tech has
played 30 regular season games in just six seasons, including this one:

1982-83 (21-9)
1989-90 (13-17)
2006-07 (20-10)
2007-08 (18-12)
2008-09 (17-13)
2009-10 (23-7)

The 1985-86 team (22-7) might have been able to go 23-7 if they had played
one more regular season game, and the 1995-96 team (22-4) certainly could have
won 23 games or more, if they had played four additional regular season games.

And this year’s Hokies benefited from a weak out of conference schedule and
an unbalanced ACC schedule that saw them play the ACC’s bottom five teams twice,
while facing the other six teams from the top just once. You can’t get a more
beneficial ACC schedule than that.

But you know what? I don’t care. To pick apart the schedule of the 2009-10
Hokies is to trivialize what this team accomplished. This wasn’t an injury-free,
full-strength team that marched through a weak schedule. This was a team that
repeatedly faced adversity and, more often than not, stared it down.

There have been numerous times this season where I worried about this team’s
ability to overcome obstacles, and nearly every time, I was proven wrong. Here
are three particularly notable games were