Friday Q&A: January 8, 2010

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The 2009 football season is behind us, and Raleigh Hokies steps in today to
answer a few questions about what we could see this spring and in the 2010
season? How will the Hokies replace Ed Wang and Sergio Render? How will they use
all of their talented running backs? Where will Logan Thomas contribute, and
what other freshmen have a chance to make an impact?

1) With the loss of Render and Wang on the O-line, do you see that seriously
affecting the O-line performance? Do the Hokies have the experienced and
quality backups necessary to step in and not see much of a drop-off?

Raleigh Hokie: Replacing two good offensive linemen is always a concern,
especially when they play next to each other on the same side of the line. But
there is very good talent waiting in the wings and the transition this time
should go much more smoothly.

Greg Nosal had an excellent season as the #3 guard, and he is positioned to
replace Sergio Render at LG next season. There will be more inexperience at LT,
but there are two very good young players that will battle there – Nick Becton
and Michael Via. Curt Newsome is very high on Becton’s potential at LT. He has
all the attributes – big, strong, athletic and smart – to be a terrific
offensive tackle. Because of injury, Via had to play earlier than expected, but
he showed that he has the type of athleticism that Newsome wants along his
offensive line.

Right now, I think it will be Becton, Nosal, Warren, Brooks and DeChristopher
from LT to RT. I have been told that Brooks is a right-side player, so I think
he will remain at RG next season. And given his specific strengths and
weaknesses, I see DeChristopher remaining at RT next season.

I think Via will back-up Becton, Andrew Miller will back-up Warren and Andrew
Lanier will back-up DeChristopher. Like Brooks, I think Lanier is much better
suited for the right side of the line. David Wang (another that the coaches are
very high on) will back up at one of the guard positions. Vinston Painter needs
to get more physical and play more consistently, but he will get every chance
this spring to lock down one of the 2-deep spots