Another Big One in Atlanta

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you do this as long as I’ve been doing it, things start to repeat themselves.
Important game against an SEC team, in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta … where
have we seen this before? And will Santa Claus please bring me a different
outcome this time? Please??

This CFA Bowl game against Tennessee is a bookend to the season opener
against Alabama. Back in late August, the bookshelf was empty, but in the last
four months, we have filled it with twelve volumes. Some stories were dramatic,
some were uplifting, some were tragedies, but overall, the story they told was
pretty good. I’ve read better, but I’ve read a lot worse. 1999 was more
entertaining reading, but 1992 was complete garbage, and I’ll never read it

Sheesh, I hate cutesie-pie analogies in sportswriting, but I couldn’t help
myself. I promise not to do it again.

I feel as if I’ve written this column before. Back on August 31st, I penned a
Monday Thoughts, pre-Alabama game, titled Why
This Game is Important
. I found myself thinking of the reasons this game
against Tennessee is important, so … here we are.

As I said, we’re treading over familiar ground: SEC opponent, Georgia Dome,
etc., etc., blah-blah-blah. And it’s not just familiar because of this season’s
Alabama game, it’s also familiar because of the 2006 CFA Bowl against Georgia.
When the game is over, however, the entire Hokie Nation would like to be
treading over unfamiliar ground: victory.

As familiar as “victory” is to this Tech program, “victory
over an SEC team in the Georgia Dome” eludes us. Lately, victory in Atlanta
has eluded the Hokies. I’ll say this for games in Atlanta: they’re never boring.

  • In the 1986 Peach Bowl, the Hokies grabbed their first-ever bowl victory
    in a thrilling, last second win over NC State, 25-24.
  • In 1990, VT lost a tight 6-3 game against eventual co-national champion
    Georgia Tech.
  • In 2004, Virginia Tech kicked off a run to the ACC Championship