2009 Monday Thoughts: NC State

Note: We were not able to obtain photos for this game and have used stock TSL
photography for our pictures.)

I’ll freely admit that recovering from the Georgia Tech and UNC losses is
still an ongoing process for me. Fortunately, I’m not the Virginia Tech coaches
or Hokie players who draw up and execute the game plans, because they’re putting
in a pretty strong November. The Hokies made NC State look like the bad team
they are, and along the way, one Tech player etched his name in the NCAA record
book, another set an ACC record, and a third gave a strong boost to a quietly
special season.

You guys were right: NC State is a bad football team. The Wolfpack have some
good parts, but with the injuries they have suffered and the mistakes they make,
you can’t assemble those parts into anything resembling a good football team.
The Wolfpack were gracious visitors, spotting the Hokies ten quick points off of
turnovers and then committing crucial penalties that enabled the Hokies to stay

The Hokies even got some help from a season-long nemesis: the coin flip.
That’s right: winning the coin toss for the first time on the season was a big
contributor to making sure this game was over early in the third quarter.