2009 Maryland Game Analysis: RH Takes Your Questions

are pretty bad these days for Ralph Friedgen and the Maryland football program.
Youth, inexperience, injuries and a general lack of depth have left Friedgen in
the cross-hairs with the vultures circling in College Park. The Terps are not a
very good team right now. And the Hokies took advantage of all those weaknesses
to put the Terps away by halftime. After three weeks of spotty play, the Hokies
needed to take care of business … and they did. The offense piled up the yards
and put up its most points in four games and the defense held an opponent out of
the end zone for the second week in a row.

To keep things interesting, I decided to take a different approach to the
game analysis this week. I asked the subscribers (you fine folks) for
suggestions on specific topics that you would like to see covered in the
article. There were several good ideas and I’ve tried to include as many as
practical. To round it out, I’ve also included an analysis of a few of the
bigger plays in the game.

Let’s get to it.