2009 BC Game Analysis: Near-Perfect Hokies Shred Eagles

game was over by the end of the first quarter. It became an embarrassment by the
end of the first half. Tech was hitting on all cylinders while Boston College
was just trying to hit something … anything. Frank Spaziani has been doing
this coaching thing for a long time, but his team found itself standing
flat-footed in front of a runaway Hokie train that played a first half of
near-perfect football. The offense was explosive. The defense was suffocating.
Visions of Syracuse in 1999 danced through the Lane Stadium crowd. When it was
over, the Hokies had buried BC 48-14. And by the time the sun went down, the
focus had already turned towards Georgia Tech.

Don’t look now, but this thing is really starting to come together. We can
all see it, but there is that little voice that is telling us to remain
cautious. Sure, things are looking better, but there is still half a season to
play. With Paul Johnson’s flexbone/veer/triple option offense coming up, I think
cautious optimism best describes my feelings at this point of the season. All
things considered, that’s pretty good.

Before thinking too much about Georgia Tech, let’s take a look back at the
demolition of Boston College …