2009 Monday Thoughts: Nebraska

I’m late delivering this article, because for almost 48 hours, I kept coming
up dry in my attempts to figure out an angle. On the one hand, you have one of
the more miraculous comebacks in Virginia Tech football history, but on the
other hand, the only reason that comeback was necessary is because the offense
that dominated Marshall disappeared, and the offense that has finished around
#100 in the nation since 2006 returned.

Also, I had a completely different game day experience than the rest of you.
Some of you watched the game in person, and some of you watched it on TV. I
watched the finish on TV, in a Lane Stadium parking lot.

How I came to be in that location is a two-pronged story. Number one, I
decided to help a buddy guard a tailgate that otherwise would have been left
deserted, with a flat screen TV and satellite antenna and receiver left out
where anyone could take or damage them.

Number two, I walked out late in the third quarter because I didn’t want to
be there.