Catching Up With Nick Sorensen

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Nick Sorensen Profile

Current home: Arlington

Current job: safety with the Cleveland Browns. Sorensen is preparing for
his ninth season in the NFL. Training camp starts July 29.

Family: single

At Virginia Tech: 1996-2000 seasons. The versatile Sorensen played
quarterback, safety and whip linebacker for the Hokies, along with a variety of
special teams. He had 117 tackles his final two seasons, 10 of them for a loss.
He had 446 career passing yards. Sorensen was Tech’s player of the game in the
1998 Gator Bowl (lost to North Carolina).

Nicknames: “Coach Beamer started calling me Nicky – all the coaches
started calling me that. Since then I’ve been called Sunshine, from the movie
Remember the Titans. That’s been the most basic one. A lot of people thought I
looked like that guy and I still get called that some.”

Best Virginia Tech moment: “When we beat Boston College my junior
year and we were undefeated and everyone was partying on the field and then we
found out we were going to the Sugar Bowl to play for the national title.
Everyone was so happy. There was music playing. I don’t think the stadium
has partied like that before or since. It was just crazy – I was on the field
for an hour and a half, just hanging with fans I don’t even know. It seems like
they played ‘Celebration’12 times.”

Least favorite Virginia Tech moment: “Losing to Temple for
homecoming my sophomore year. I was playing quarterback that game. As a
quarterback, that was actually my best game, but it was the worst game

Favorite Blacksburg restaurant/hangout: “I used to love going to El
Rodeo on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I wasn’t a drinker, but I’d go around happy
hour time and all the sorority girls were there. We’d go and eat all the food
specials while they drank their margaritas.”

Last time back on campus: “The first time I’ve been back