State of the Program, Part Six: Final Thoughts

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Today is the final part of our State of the Program series. It contains a
quick review of what we’ve covered over the past five weeks, some enlightening
information on how some folks in the basketball business view the Virginia Tech
job, and also some random thoughts on the program.

Quick Review

We spent one week covering the Seth Greenberg Era, another week discussing
the talent level that is currently in Tech’s program, and the final three weeks
discussing recruiting. We’ve discovered that the Hokies have made a lot of
progress over the last five years, but they still have a long way to go as well.

In the first article, we discovered that while many Tech fans didn’t have any
idea who Greenberg was when he was hired, his resume was basically the same as
other current or recent ACC coaches, including Oliver Purnell, Gary Williams and
Al Skinner.

We ran the numbers, and they say that Greenberg is one of the better coaches
in the ACC. He is in the upper middle-of-the-pack in ACC winning percentage over
the last five years, and he also has two ACC Coach of the Year Awards. His
accomplishments seem even greater when you consider Tech’s current talent level
and recruiting potential, which we covered in later articles.

When you compare Tech’s talent level to other ACC teams, and to the 2006-07
Hokies, we see that VT is trailing. The 2006-07 Tech team is used because they
are the only VT team of the Greenberg Era to make the NCAA tournament. They
featured a greater variety of players, including scorers, rebounders, several
versatile defenders, several defensive specialists and a freakish athlete in
Deron Washington. That was a very good team, and the versatility of their lineup
was the reason they made the NCAA tournament.

The 2008-09 Hokies didn’t have that luxury. They had two great scorers in
A.D. Vassallo and Malcolm Delaney, and a good scorer in Jeff Allen. However,
they didn’t have any