Catching Up With Bryan Randall

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Bryan Randall Profile

Current home: Williamsburg, Va.

Current job: quarterback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian
Football League.

Family: single

At Virginia Tech: 2001-2004 seasons.

Nicknames: B-Ran, Boo.

Best Virginia Tech moment: “Going to the Sugar Bowl (after the 2004) season.
It just meant a lot to me, what with the perseverance through the years, the ups
and downs of my career. My goal was to play in a BCS game, and to do it my senior
year was something special.”

Least favorite Virginia Tech moment: “All the games against West Virginia. I
never had too much fun against West Virginia. My senior year we beat them and
that was better. But you always remember the worst ones.”

Favorite Blacksburg hangout/restaurant: “BW3s on Tuesdays. It was 25-cent
wing night. It’s gone up since then. They keep going up, by a nickel each time.”

Last time back on campus: “The U.Va. game last season.”

Teammates you stay in touch with most: “Mike Daniels, Keith Burnell, Cedric
Humes. A lot of them on and off, but those are the three I’m in contact with the

Life of a Journeyman Quarterback

On May 28, Bryan Randall will say good-bye to his offseason and head north
(and west) to Winnipeg. Training camp is about to begin for the Winnipeg Blue
Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

He’ll be 26 in August and is four full seasons removed from his last year at
Virginia Tech, the 2004 season that will go down as one of the best in team
history and one of the best in individual history. Quarterback Randall led the
Hokies to the ACC championship in their first year in the league, earning Player
of the Year honors along the way.

His dream of playing as a professional lives – playing, not just being on a
roster or in an organization somewhere. He’ll chase it as long as he has his
health and someone willing to give him the chance.

Maybe this will be the year.

“Just the competitiveness” keeps him going, Randall said.

“I love