Catching Up with Jake Grove

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Jake Grove Profile

Current home: Davie, Fla., just north of Miami. Grove purchased a home
there not long after signing with the Miami Dolphins.

Current job: offensive lineman with Miami Dolphins. Grove spent the
first five years of his NFL career with the Oakland Raiders.

Family: Wife Katie (also a Tech graduate). Daughter Emma (born

At Virginia Tech: 1999-2003 seasons.

Nicknames: “I was Dirty Grove in my Virginia Tech days. I don’t
really have a nickname now.”

Best Virginia Tech moment: “There’s not really one moment. It’s
just all the guys, the camaraderie we had, the relationships I formed there.
It’s such a tight-knit community. All the little things that you don’t really
think about at the time, but when you look back you realize how great it really

Least favorite Virginia Tech moment: “Running during the summer.
I was built for short distances.”

Favorite Blacksburg hangout/restaurant: “We always kind of hit up
whatever place had the specials on food. The 25-cent wings, the half-price subs,
the dollar pizza. Wherever that was each night, that’s where we ended up.”

Last time back on campus: “I went back for the spring game this
year. I don’t get back as much as I’d like. It is great to get back and see the
coaches and all those guys. That’s one of the great things about that program;
you don’t have the turnover you see at so many colleges. Most of the coaches
there now were there when I played.”

Teammates you stay in touch with most: “I talk to Luke Owens a
lot and Nathaniel Adibi. Those are probably the two I talk to the most. I’ll see
a lot of them in Miami; the Dolphins have put together quite a group of Hokies.”
Author’s note: Cornerback Eric Green also signed with Miami during the offseason.
Receiver Ernest Wilford joined the team last year. Offensive lineman Brandon
Frye is there and defensive lineman Orion Martin signed with Miami this past

Life in the NFL

Time really does fly, doesn’t it? It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Jake
Grove was suiting up for the Virginia Tech Hokies and giving the team a reliably
strong performance at center every game.