In Hard Times, Weaver’s Sound Financial Management is a Boon to Tech Athletics

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Randy Jones turned in another outstanding financial review of the Tech
athletic department, and one thing is clear from looking over the numbers: in
bad economic times such as these, the fiscal conservatism shown by Athletic
Director Jim Weaver serves the Tech athletic department very, very well.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is the economy. Heck, we’ve
all been thinking about it, because it affects us all, but I’ve been
specifically thinking about how it is affecting Tech athletics.

The Hokie athletic department is no doubt getting hit by the hard times. It’s
common knowledge that Hokie Club donations are down, though only time will tell
exactly how far down they are, once all is said and done. And if TSL’s
disappearing ad revenues are any indication, ISP is probably not raking in the
jack on advertising packages for football and basketball broadcasts as easily as
they have in the past.

This is where the fiscal conservatism of Virginia Tech Athletic Director is a
godsend. I’ve been critical — not in print, but in conversation — of Weaver’s
perceived hoarding of Tech’s enormous athletic profits in recent years. Every
year, we run financial reports written by Hokie grad and Charlottesville
resident Randy Jones, and Randy’s reports detail rivers of black ink in the Tech
athletic department. To wit:

VT Athletic Profits

Fiscal Year