Friday Q&A: April 17, 2009

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In this week’s Friday Q&A, Raleigh Hokie talks about new wrinkles we
could possibly see from the Tech offense this season. He also discusses Bud
Foster’s defensive scheme, as well as different variations of the Wild Turkey

1. What new wrinkles do you expect to see from the offense this season? More shotgun? More run oriented formations?

During the season, there are specific wrinkles put in during game weeks for each
upcoming opponent. For example, the way we blocked Cincinnati’s defensive
front in the Orange Bowl included a couple of wrinkles that they had not seen on
film. One of those was aligning the fullback as an H-back to wham block
the backside defensive end.

Outside of those game-to-game type wrinkles, I would expect a few things to be
added in as part of the general offense. Those will be based mostly on
personnel combinations with tweaks to formations. In the base offense, I
would expect to see some wrinkles added when Ryan Williams is in the game.
One of those is a two-back combination with Evans and Williams flanking Taylor
in the shotgun. They can run straight read option out of that with a pitch
option to either back. In that case, the standard spread/read option
becomes a shotgun version of the triple option.

That’s one possibility. Another wrinkle could include an expansion of the
“Wild Turkey” offense that utilizes the same personnel as the example
given above. In that case, Greg Boone would be the QB and Tyrod Taylor
would split out as a WR. We saw that last year, but they could add a
wrinkle to keep Darren Evans in the formation as the offset running back with
Ryan Williams aligned in the slot or as a wingback to the opposite side.
That adds a third option to the play with the ability to use misdirection to
attack the backside.

Those are two very different ways to attack a defense with the exact same
personnel. The offensive personnel group is probably the biggest factor
used by defensive coordinators to make the defensive call for each play.
With the ability to attack a defense in very different ways with the same
personnel, the