Collegiate Star Seeks First Offer

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Former Collegiate (Richmond, VA) star quarterback Russell Wilson, a 2007 class recruit, certainly has impressed with his performance at N.C. State. The Cougars now boast yet another standout quarterback in 6-5, 210-pound junior Jake McGee , a terrific athlete who excels in football and basketball.

McGee only played one season along side Wilson, but that season certainly left an impression.

“We have different games, but I’ve learned so much from [Wilson],” McGee said. “When I was a freshman, I was on the football, basketball and baseball team with him. He is one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever seen. It helped me see what it takes to get to where I want to be.”

Garnering college interest in football and basketball, McGee is leaning towards the gridiron for his future.

“How it is looking, it’ll probably be football,” McGee said. “I think that’ll be the better opportunity for me. I like football and basketball pretty even. Both are fun. I do what I can with them both, but they are both fun for me. Right now, I’m looking for the best opportunity for my future and I think that is in football.”

Which schools are expressing the most interest at this point?

“Mid-majors like Ohio are very interested, but I have to get tape to them. Right now, I hear the most from Duke, [Virginia] Tech and Maryland,” said McGee, who believes he is being pursued as a quarterback by all of the schools involved. “I feel like I’m pretty close to getting an offer in football.”

McGee discussed his standing with Virginia and Virginia Tech.

“Both came by when the coaches could,” McGee said. “I haven’t heard much lately from Virginia, but I’m going up to Tech’s Spring Game on the 26th. That’ll be the first time I’ve been there.

“I went to Virginia games a lot because my grandfather would take me to them. They talked to me before they hired the new offensive coordinator. Since, I’ve only gotten a couple of letters. With Virginia Tech, Coach Cavanaugh came by a couple of times and I’ve talked to him. It seemed optimistic from talking to him. He was saying a couple of guys are ahead of me, but he seemed really interested.”

McGee, a first-team all-state quarterback, estimates that he tallied about 2,500 total yards and