Friday Q&A: April 3, 2009

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In this week’s Friday Q&A, Chris Coleman answers questions about football
and basketball. He discusses how valuable Seth Greenberg has been to the
basketball program, how much longer Frank Beamer will coach at Tech, and also
addresses issues with the offensive line and quarterbacks.

1) How much longer will Frank Beamer coach, and who will the next VT football
coach be? Foster? Stinespring? Someone from outside the program?

CC: This is an excellent question, and I’ve had this conversation with a few
different people recently. I don’t think Beamer will retire as long as Jim
Weaver is the athletics director. Beamer is the alpha male of the Merryman
Center, and I don’t think he trusts Weaver to make the right decisions when it
comes time to hiring a new football coach. After all, it was Weaver himself who
almost let Beamer go to UNC, and who was planning on replacing him with a yawner
of a hire in Gary Darnell, or so we hear.

If I’m Beamer, and I built a program up at my alma mater, I’d want to make
sure it was left in capable hands. I think Tech is still a unique place, and I
think it’s important that we all remember the attitude, mentality and work ethic
it took the Hokies to make it this far. Not every coach would understand how
to win in Blacksburg. I think Bud Foster does, and I’d have no problem at all if
he took over the program whenever Beamer decides to step down.

2) The general argument I hear pro-Greenberg is "look how much better
our program is with him than it was before." Well, my question is how much
of our increase in recruiting, and, consequently talent, can be attributed to
the ACC? I really like Greenberg, but I wonder how much of the rise in Tech’s
program can really be attributed to him?

CC: The ACC has certainly helped Tech with recruiting. It’s opened the door
to prospects that Tech never had a chance to be involved with before ACC
expansion. However, I still think the program has made more progress than
expected when it first joined the league, and I think a lot of that is because
of Seth Greenberg.