All-American OL Makes Visits

Bolles (Jacksonville, FL) offensive tackle Brent Benedict earned Class 2A first-team all-state and EA Sports All-American honors for his junior season performance. With 37 official scholarship offers to his credit, including offers from some of the top programs in the nation, Benedict has certainly been recognized by Division 1A college coaches as well.

Now comes the difficult part, which is figuring out which college he will sign with next February. In the beginning stages of his decision-making process, the 6-5, 285-pound junior visited six schools – Georgia, Clemson, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and Wake Forest – last week during Spring Break. The trip was a success, though Benedict is not any closer to being able to narrow anything down.

“The point of the trip was to get around and see a wide variety of schools, to get a feel for what I liked,” Benedict said. “I’m not sure if I answered the question. I’m not sure if I like a big school or a small school better, but the trip helped to show me different places. It was an informative and an excellent trip. I learned a lot. Each school had its own unique thing no other school had. That is the biggest thing I picked up.”

Benedict’s preference is to narrow the long list of schools down to single digits before the start of his senior season. Unsure of when he’ll make a commitment, Benedict isn’t ruling out a decision before, during or after his senior season.