Crunching Stats from VT-Clemson

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Last night’s Hokies-Tigers matchup was a typical gut-wrencher. I always find
myself thinking about stats during a basketball game, and how difficult it is to
predict the outcome of a hoops game, because you never know who is going to play
better than they usually do, or worse than they usually do. Here’s a look at the
key stats from last night’s game.

Free throw breakdown:

VT shot 17-of-29 (58.6%) from the free throw line, while Clemson shot
16-of-23 (69.6%).

Coming in, the Hokies as a team were 71.2% free throw shooters, while Clemson
was 68.6%. Clemson had an average night from the line, but the Hokies were
abysmal … sort of.

The problem for VT early on was who was going to the line. A lot of the early
Clemson fouls sent Jeff Allen (61.4%), Lewis Witcher (41.7%), and Victor Davila
(60.0%) to the line. That trio clanked their way to a combined 2-of-10 (20%)
from the line, including an oh-fer from Davila (0-of-4).

13:03 to go, Davila missed a free throw, and the Hokies were 7-of-16 from the
line, which included a 2-of-2 from Malcolm Delaney and no FTs from A.D.
Vassallo. From that point on, Tech stroked 10-of-13 (76.9%), including 9-of-11
from A.D. Vassallo and Malcolm Delaney.

It’s not what the team as a whole shoots, it’s who you’ve got on the line when.
The Hokies had their worst shooters on the line early, and their best late.

Three-point breakdown:

Finally, the Hokies blistered an opponent from three-point range. Tech took
advantage of Clemson’s press for some open three-pointers, and the Hokies
stroked it. Tech hit 11-of-19 (57.9%) from beyond the arc, far above their
normal 33.9% percentage. Clemson hit 7-of-20 (35%) from deep, a tick below their
season percentage of 38.1%.

Much like free throws, this was a question of who was doing the shooting …
sort of. Delaney and Vassallo combined for 8-of-16 from deep, a commendable 50%.
But wait, that means the rest of the team was 3-for-3. Dorenzo Hudson (28.0%
coming in) hit two, and Hank Thorns (18.8%) hit one.