2008 Maryland Game Analysis: Tough Hokies Pound Terps

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All year long we have heard the Tech coaches talk about the importance of the
running game and how it has been one block here or one assignment there from
busting out. With both starting QB’s gimpy and the pressure continuing to mount
on the Tech offense, it was more critical than ever for the running game to get
over the hump and become a reliable and consistent weapon. It was Thursday night
in Lane Stadium. The season was on the line. It was time to get it done.

Need a Win? Then Dominate the Line of Scrimmage

facing two very tough defensive fronts at Boston College and Florida State, the
Tech offense appeared to have the match-up advantage in the trenches against
Maryland. That turned out to be the case as the Hokies dominated the line of
scrimmage behind an impressive performance from the offensive line and tight
ends. They consistently opened up running lanes for Darren Evans, who redefined
the term “breakout game” by surprising everyone in setting the Tech
single game rushing record. Why and how that happened will be a key focus of
this article.

The matchup on offense looked favorable and it played out that way. But what
about the defense? Going in, the interior battles appeared to be much more
formidable on that side of the ball. Maryland’s offensive line was one of the
toughest and most experienced lines that the Hokies had faced this season. But
outside of a few big plays, Tech’s defense was playing its best football as
well, particularly along the defensive front. And they dominated the line of
scrimmage against Maryland. The Terps running game was non-existent because
Tech’s defensive tackles controlled everything inside while the pursuit chased
everything down on the outside. We will get into some of the details a little
later, but the two players that really stood out were Jason Worilds and
Cordarrow Thompson. Worilds has emerged as the next