2008 Florida State Game Analysis: Hokies Show Mettle on the Road

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am not sure what to make of this game. The Hokies lost, but they actually
played pretty well for long stretches of the game. The offense rebounded
after a miserable performance against BC, only to lose both of their
experienced quarterbacks to injury. The defense continued to represent,
only to be struck again by the big play bug. And the Hokies got a couple
of long kick-off returns, but the special teams continued to struggle with
key mistakes at critical junctures. It all added up to a strange,
roller-coaster of a game that was both fun and frustrating at the same

It seems every Tech / Florida State game is determined by big plays and
this game was no different. The Hokies set the tone early, but the
Seminoles roared back behind a series of big plays across all phases of
the game. The big plays will be the primary focus of this analysis along
with the usual game planning stuff to round it out.

In fact, game planning is where we’ll start. Let’s get to it.

Offensive Game Plan

The Tech offense laid an egg up at Boston College last week, so they
needed a bounce-back performance against a defense that was very different
in talent and structure, but just as stingy. Florida State’s Mickey
Andrews has been coordinating that defense for a long time and one thing
is certain — he is always aggressive against every offense he faces,
using a lot of blitzes combined with tough man-to-man coverage in the
secondary. That’s exactly what the Hokies got on Saturday.

Bryan Stinespring countered with an offensive game plan that was based
on getting to the edges in the running game and using a series of rubs and
picks down the field to spring receivers in the passing game. Of course,
much of that plan