2008 Monday Thoughts: Florida State

Once a season, you get a game that is jammed full of drama and more twists
and turns than Watkins
. Some games are snoozers, some games are doozies, and this one fit the
latter category. The Hokies absorbed their second loss in a row, which is never
anything to be celebrated, but in the loss were encouraging signs, despite the
injuries to Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor.

The ACC needs more games like this one. This was a slobber knocker, not to be
witnessed by the faint of heart, and it played out in front of 81,876 fans in
Doak Campbell. TV viewers were spared the indignity of listening to the
Nessler-Griese-Maguire rodeo show that can quickly suck the life out of a game,
and instead were treated to the professional job done by Ron Franklin and Ed
Cunningham. (Sideline reporter Jack Arute is uneven, though, and needs to

With that setup, Virginia Tech and Florida State delivered an SEC-style
football game. Both teams have put better products on the field in the past, but
that didn’t take the drama out of this one. It’s easy to get distracted by the
injuries to Glennon and Taylor, but beyond that, there were brutal hits galore
on both sides of the ball, and great plays from elite athletes on both teams.

The big story, though, are the hurts suffered by Taylor and Glennon.