Q&A with TSL Guru Rev. Zeke Vodka

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Q&A with Rev. Zeke

TSL: What is your take on VT’s 2009 class overall? What stands out as a positive?

Zeke: I think that it was another solid overall class for Seth Greenberg and the program. What it might lack in a difference-maker or program changer is made up in the depth and versatility and long range upside.

The program added a potential backcourt in Green and Boggs, a nice wing player (Manny Atkins) who had a very impressive summer and a Big who most everyone, including myself, feels has his best basketball ahead of him in Cadarian Raines. The team really addressed all five positions when you consider that Raines can play either of the two inside post positions.

TSL: Is there anything that needed to be addressed that wasn’t?

Zeke: As far as if there was any need that wasn’t addressed, well Virginia Tech is like most any program in that they are looking for future difference-makers in the program. They are seeking prospects who will be future pros and are kids capable of coming right in and being the type that changes the program. Maybe the one-and-done types which are so difficult to recruit, and even if you do their recruitment takes on a different culture. While you are constantly looking for these types, they are very, very difficult to recruit and they open up other areas of concern in addition to the different culture those types operate in as I mentioned earlier. You have to be careful because your program has to be on very sound footing and be a brand name nationwide. This becomes important because with many of these type players playing one year and bolting, you are left with scrambling to replace them and you must have significant cache to drop in on an individual prospect’s recruitment at a late stage once you discover you have an early NBA entrant and be able to quickly replace them. Duke, North Carolina, Florida, UCLA and those types can do that. Does Virginia Tech have that type cache yet nationwide or the brand name nationwide to be able to recover quickly and without any backsliding when these players regularly depart your program? That’s a fundamental