2008 Boston College Game Analysis: Hokies Struggle Against Tough Matchup

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I hate watching games on television, especially when the Hokies lose. I want
to watch the players, the coaches and the sidelines between plays, not watch
multiple shots of Matt Ryan in the booth. The good news is that I was able to
listen to Bill and Mike in-sync with the video feed, so that was a plus. Other
than that, there isn’t much positive to say about the Tech/Boston College
football game last Saturday night.

Overall Assessment

Where to start? This game can be analyzed from many different angles. There
were big plays everywhere, penalties at critical times, turnovers, blocked kicks
and a punt return for a touchdown. And all of that happened in the first half.

I decided to look at the three key factors that ultimately determined the
outcome of the game:

1. A dominating performance by the Boston College defensive front seven

2. The inability by the Tech offense to get anything accomplished against a
weak BC secondary

3. Given 1) and 2), there were too many big plays given up by the Tech
defense and special teams

Let’s dive in deeper and see what happened…..

Offense Stonewalled

Straight up – the Tech offense failed on Saturday night. There isn’t any
other way to look at it other than to say the BC defense was better and they
dominated that aspect of the game. Going in, many of us warned that this was a
very bad match-up for the Tech offense and that proved to be the case.

Let’s look at it a little closer. For Tech’s offense to have any chance
of success, it must be able to get production from the inside running game,
especially when the defense is playing an umbrella zone with seven in the box.
Unlike the Hokies, BC is not a multiple defense – they line up in their base
fronts and play two to three coverages. Defensive coordinator Frank Spanziani
will mix in some aggressive looks, either by committing a safety in the run game
or by running the occasional