2008 Monday Thoughts: The Halfway Point

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Virginia Tech’s 2008 football season has been a roller coaster ride so far,
but in that respect, the Hokies are no different than college football as a
whole. Every weekend, we’re treated to twists and turns we didn’t imagine, from
Alabama’s meteoric rise up the charts, to West Virginia and Clemson’s freefall
from the top ten to nowhere, to UVa’s yo-yo act. If you think the Hokies have
taken you on a thrill ride, it’s just par for the course around the nation.

That said, Virginia Tech’s seesaw act has its own unique characteristics.
Some of what we have seen was expected, and some of it wasn’t. I think there are
three major story lines in Virginia Tech football this season:

  • Tyrod Taylor’s one-game redshirt and Virginia Tech’s offensive struggles
  • Bud Foster’s young defense
  • The low number of mistakes and high level of discipline shown by the

The Offense

For the third year in a row, the Virginia Tech offense and its struggles are
a big story. It has become apparent to me — sometimes painfully so — that many
of you out there who read this web site don’t want to hear it, yet again, but it
can’t be avoided: VT’s offense is bad. One more time with the stats (bear with

Tech’s 2008 Offense
(through six games)



Rushing Offense 174.7 ypg 40
Passing Offense