2008 UNC Game Analysis: Tough Hokies Grind it Out Over Heels

“Hang in there; keep playing hard and something good will happen for
you!” How many times have we heard Frank Beamer repeat those words game
after game, season after season? Saturday’s game had to be very gratifying for a
coach that saw his young squad do just that. Trailing by 14 points without any
tempo or rhythm on offense, the Hokies kept fighting and pulled off the second
biggest 2nd half comeback in Frank Beamer’s 22 years as head coach of the

Before breaking down how it all unfolded, I want to get into a personal
perspective I have regarding Butch Davis and his inability to get the best of
Frank Beamer. In my opinion, it ties directly back into the concept of giving
full effort on every play and playing hard right to the whistle. I believe Davis
has a lot of respect for Frank Beamer and the VT program and that tough,
physical style of play with constant effort is the main reason why.

Playing Hard