2008 ECU Game Analysis: Fired Up Pirates Knock Out Mistake-Prone Hokies

“Reality Check” — a quick search of the on-line dictionary defines
it as coming to terms with what is actually happening, rather than what one
chooses to believe. The Tech football team and their fans got a big dose of
reality served to them on Saturday with a tough, heart-breaking 27-22 loss to a
very good team from East Carolina.

Leading up to the game, I had said many times that I expected the Hokies to
win, but I wasn’t going to be surprised if they lost. East Carolina was an
experienced, talented team highly motivated to get a big win against their model
program, and there were just way too many question marks on the Tech side to
think this game couldn’t go either way. In the end, the Hokies had a chance to
win, but they wore down late and a series of key mistakes opened the door for
ECU to pull out the victory.

Let’s break it down further….